Comics of 2014

Comics of 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dearest Readers,

2014 was a cuh-razy year for kn-comics:

This year I made more than 30 comics, and reached over 25,000 thousand hits! This year, kn-comics managed to grow it's audience, and I couldn't be happier people are resonating with the stories I've told. Behind each comic is a bit of myself I managed to wrangle onto paper, so I hope my trials and tribulations give perspective on your own struggles and victories this year. 

Personally, this was a significant year too. Since my graduation from UCSD, I've been handling branding, web, and print design contracts with interesting clients all over San Diego. I've applied to countless jobs and was rejected countless times too. I fell even deeper in love with my girlfriend of 3 years, only to part our separate ways before the year ended. 

2014 was a gut wrenching, beautiful, horrifying, monotonous, enlightening year and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

I'm determined to make 2015 a time of actualization and hard work. 
This includes my career, personal life, and comics too! After a short breather from comics, I feel recharged and motivated to draw and tell more stories. 

As readers you empower me to tell stronger and meaningful stories, and your feedback and support mean more than you can know. 

Happy Hunting in 2015,


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